Weird Western Rum Cocktails Collaboration To Celebrate Launch Of At The Dead Of Dusk

Since starting The Rum Ration in 2020, I’ve loved being a part of a passionate community who’re determined to spread the gospel of rum far and wide. Along the way, it brought me into contact with Manchester rum liqueur brand Witch Kings Rum, who blend their love of rum with fantasy and bohemian culture.

This habit of combining different interests together is something I share and it’s led to a fun collaboration between myself and Witch Kings Rum to celebrate the launch of my debut horror novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK.

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A Pirate’s Life: Edward England

A Pirate’s Life delves into the rum drinking habits of infamous pirates and the kind of bottles they’d stash away if they were alive today. This edition focuses on the Irishman Edward England, a pirate who was considered to be one of the more humane of his kind during The Golden Age of Piracy

Read on to find out about what kind of rum England would keep in his rum cabinet. 

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Travelling The Rum Road: Rum Production On The Frontier

When not writing about rum, I moonlight as a horror author and I’m proud to say my debut horror novella AT THE DESK OF DUSK is now out in the world. Set in a grim dark wild west universe called The Frontier, AT THE DEAD OF DUSK follows the story of an infamous witch hunter called Clay McNab as he transports a young woman across the land to find her father.

Creating The Frontier has been a full challenge and of course rum plays an important part in the world. Read on to find out how rum is produced in The Frontier, how it stacks up to whisky and why it should be enjoyed!

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Rum Sonnet

There came I day when I set out to sea

With a bottle of rum and a head full of cloud

The wind at my back, I was happy as can be

Rum in hand, head high and proud

Those early days brought summer weather

And ocean salt blew freely through my hair

Many sips of grog and I was light as a feather

Rollicking and roving without any care

Yet the innocent times were not to last

For dark tidings loomed beyond the breach

A powerful storm destroyed the ship’s mast

Foolish was I, grasping beyond my reach

From a watery grave let my tale unfold

N’er the rum make you a sailor bold 

Ron Piet 10-Year Review: Parrot Panamanian Rum Has Never Tasted So Good

The link between pirates and rum has been immortalised in popular culture, yet few stories tell of the connection between a pirate parrot and a bottle of grog. This is the kind of tale that’s told through Ron Piet 10-Year, an easy-sipping Panamanian rum bottled by the Knut Hansen gin distillery in Hamburg, Germany. 

So, come and learn about the voyage of a brigadier’s bird and the flavours of a rum that is sure to leave its mark on your tastebuds. 

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