Black Tot Day

It was madness

Every lad from port to starboard

Jostled to get to the front of the line

Black armbands flailing like jolly rogers

Even the bosun were throwing punches

Until the pipe came and the six bells rang 

A profound silence filled the air

Up spirits one last time

Drinking to memory 

A procession of lament and final salute

Three centuries of tradition buried at sea

All these years later I still remember that bloody slogan

“Last Issue of Rum to the Royal Navy 31st July 1970.”

Montanya Platino Review: White Rum That Unfurls In A Waterfall Of Flavour

American rum is a category that continues to go from strength to strength, with brands like Privateer and Holmes Cay continuing to innovate with their production and marketing approach. Montanya is another American rum distiller that has produced some exciting products and their passion for the business is reflected in the Platino, a gorgeous white rum that’s as contradictory as it is complex.

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Boukman Rhum Review: Sipping The Essence Of Haiti

The beauty of rum is that it’s one of the most versatile spirits on the planet and every country that makes it has a unique style. Haiti produces a specific type of rum called clairin, which is experiencing a growth in popularity as more bottles leave the island. 

I recently tried my first clairin in the form of the awesome Boukman rhum, which taps into the rich history of Haiti and reflects the island’s strong heritage.

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Investigating The Story Of The Rolling Calf

Rum and folklore have a habit of going hand in hand, whether through the well-established connection to pirates, or a focus on the supernatural. 

In particular, Caribbean folklore has strong ties to rum and an example of this is with the Rolling Calf, a dreaded spirit that stalks through the night looking to destroy anything it comes into contact with.

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Rum Champions: Collin Van Schayk

Rum Champions highlights the stories of the folks who’re doing some awesome things in the rum industry and it was a pleasure to chat to Collin Van Schayk, the founder of J.Gow rum. Named after the infamous Orkney pirate, John Gow, J.Gow is a brand that’s been built from a place of passion and determination.

Collin went into detail about the production method behind his rum, where J.Gow is going in the future and a couple of sexy new releases that are happening soon.

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Damoiseau 2009 Vieux Millesime Rhum Review: Put Some Chest On Your Chest

Damoiseau has a reputation for producing some of the best rum in the world and with a focus on agricole, there’s been some great blends released through the years. One of the most memorable is the 2009 Vieux Millesime. 

Bottled at a diabolical 66.9%, this tropical bomb of a rhum will punch you in the mouth with fire and dare you to come back for more. It’s one of the most complex drinks I’ve ever tasted.

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