Samai Kampot Pepper Review: A Rum That’s Unique In Every Sense Of The Word

When it comes to rum production, Cambodia might not be the first country that you’d use in the same sentence. But Cambodian rum is very much a thing, and a pretty awesome thing at that. This is thanks to the Samai Distillery.

Based in Phnom Penh, the distillery is producing some of the most unique rum to be found anywhere in the world and one such example is the intriguing Kampot Pepper. Spicy, layered and graceful, this drink is a perfect introduction into the growing world of Cambodian rum. 

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The Horizon Beyond The Glass

I get why some people want to find the answer to their problems

At the bottom of a glass

Rock bottom feels comfortable when you’re drifting in an alcoholic haze

It’s like living in suspended animation

Nothing changes and you don’t have to do anything

But reach for another bottle and drown those moments of lucidity

Where you convince yourself that you can rise out of the pit of depression

That tricks you into feeling there’s no life beyond the glass

Or that you can drink without feeling the need to self-destruct

But even on the stormiest of seas there’s a horizon waiting for you

Bright and beautiful

Soon you’ll be toasting to good days

Sipping to better memories

Drinking to preserve the happiness you’ve found

From conquering the anxiety that broils inside your heart day to day

To accepting the fear of an uncertain life

For embracing the darkest parts of yourself and surviving no matter what

Here’s to that horizon beyond the glass

Nine Leaves Angel’s Half French Cask Review: The Ultimate Umami Rum

Discovering drinks from different parts of the world has helped to broaden my horizons and give insight into new cultures, particularly when it comes to Japanese drinks like sake and shochu.

This appreciation for Japan’s indigenous tipple has made me curious about the Land of the Rising’s Sun’s treatment of Western spirits and there’s been plenty of praise given to Japanese whisky. A category that’s gaining in momentum is Japanese rum and I was excited to get my hands on a sample from Nine Leaves, arguably the most well-known Japanese rum brand.

The Nine Leaves Angel’s Half French Oak Cask is a force to be reckoned with. Here’s why.

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A Pirate’s Life: Henry Every

A Pirate’s Life examines the rum collections of infamous pirates, reimagining what they would drink in the modern day. A name that has lived on from the Golden Age of Piracy is Henry Every, one of the few brigands in history to escape with his riches and disappear into the annals of time.

Although Every’s pirate career only lasted two years, his story has become legend and it’s likely that he enjoyed a good deal of rum during his travels across the world. So, what kind of grog would he have in his collection?

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Ballad Of A Rummy

Went on down to New Orleans

Where good times roll in fever dreams

I was a broke-ass musician with barely a penny to my name

Hopped up on grit and a hunger for fame

Blues was my calling card and rum was my fuel

I played that saxophone so loud I must’ve looked like a fool

Jamming till the early hours on Bourbon Street

I was going to bring the whole world at my feet

Started dabbling in voudou and hanging out with the dead

They were happy to listen and didn’t care what was said

Got it in my head to work some magic

I’d be damned if my jazz career was going to be tragic

So, I summoned The Baron in a graveyard at night

With rum and tobacco in the pale moonlight

In a top hat and tuxedo he came a-running

A bone-white face with eyes of cunning 

He sucked on a cigar and asked if I was afraid

I replied that I’d done scarier things trying to get laid

He laughed at that and knocked back his booze

While I blew on my sax with nothing to lose

I conjured hurricanes and storms that shook the ground

The Baron kept drinking and didn’t make a sound

When I’d finished my set he raised his cup

“Kid, stop trying so hard, you need to chin up

Jazz is that wild bar chick that can’t be tamed

But of course you go after her without any shame

It’s a paradox, a gas, a wonderful con

Keep hold of the spark or it’ll soon be gone.”

The Baron downed his rum and I did the same

Knowing life is simply a rigged game

Edge Café And Restaurant Review: A Delicious Slice Of The Caribbean In Manchester

One of food’s greatest quality is its ability to transport you to another place and open the mind to new experiences and cultures. Coming out of lockdown, I feel that quality is more important than ever, especially with travel restrictions and hospitality venues all over the world struggling to stay afloat.

Supporting local food businesses is the first step to regaining that transformative eating experience and that’s what I decided to do when I went to Stretford in Manchester where I grew up to visit the Edge Café and Restaurant.

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Cockpit Country

Let me tell you the story of Cockpit Country

Where karsts roll through the sky like giant tumbleweeds

Fortress-strong hills for maroons seeking shelter

Sugarcane forests hiding the secrets of the universe

It’s a land of history, tradition and beauty

Home to the heart of Jamaica

An estate for producing liquid gold

Distilled and bottled for world consumption

Look for a signature orange peel note

Produced by a certain master blender

And you’ll be imbibing the soul of a people

That have stood tall throughout every adversity

That is the story of Cockpit Country

May it never end 

Fall Down The Rhum Agricole Rabbit Hole With Kiowa Bryan (Rumcast Review)

Since falling down the rum rabbit hole, one of the most striking things I’ve found about the category is the wealth of different styles and varieties that can be found all over the world. Among the most unique is rhum agricole, which is made from fresh sugarcane juice, rather than molasses.

There’s a rich history in the rhum agricole category that’s fascinating to explore and a great place to learn about it is over on the Rumcast podcast. Co-hosts John Gulla and Will Hoekenga recently invited rhum princess Kiowa Bryan onto the show to talk about what makes agricole so unique and why you should be trying it.

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