A Pirate’s Life: Captain Jack Sparrow

A Pirate’s Life focuses on the lives of fictional and real-life pirates, imagining what kind of rum they’d collect if they were around today. And if there’s one character that embodies the rum lifestyle it’s Captain Jack Sparrow. From constantly asking why the rum’s always gone, to seeking out adventure with a tot in hand, Sparrow’s love of the spirit is as legendary as his reputation.

Black Pearl Rum

Sparrow’s obsession with his beloved ship, the Black Pearl, is one of his defining traits. So, it’s no surprise that he’d reach for a rum that reminds him of his vessel. Black Pearl is an American silver rum made from molasses sourced in New Orleans.

Produced by the Seven-Three Distillery, Black Pearl has smooth, grassy notes. I could see Jack drinking straight from the bottle at the helm of his ship, toasting himself and another job well done.

Dead Man’s Fingers Spiced Rum

Anything that has some kind of dangerous look about it is sure to catch Sparrow’s eye. Dead Man’s Fingers rum certainly has that quality, with a skull and bones connection that would remind Sparrow of the life he loves so much.

Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum is produced by The Rum & Crab Shack in St Ives, Cornwall. It’s a luxuriant blend of Caribbean rums and carries hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, creamy Pedro Ximenez ice cream and black pepper. Definitely the type of rum Sparrow would reach for when he’s marooned on another island.

Plantation XO

Any rummy worth his salt has hunted down a bottle of Plantation rum and marveled at the beauty of the Bajan style. Sparrow would take it a step further by drinking a bottle of Plantation XO, a rum he’d save for a celebration like outwitting Captain Barbossa or Davy Jones.

Plantation XO is bursting with complexity. Aged in bourbon barrels, shipped to France and aged again in Cognac casks, there’s an explosion of flavour from the first sip. Notes of toasted oak, butter, banana and coconut come together.

Seven Fathoms Rum

Sparrow’s appreciation for the sea would drive him to capture the sensation in bottle form. Seven Fathoms rum is the ideal drink for achieving that experience.

Produced in the Cayman Islands by the Cayman Islands Spirit Company, Seven Fathoms is a blended gold rum made from molasses and matured underwater. Barrels are dropped into Grand Cayman waters and left to age between one to three years.

The result is a briny, butterscotch-like rum with bourbon qualities that crashes into the palate with the force of the ocean. Sparrow would drink it whenever he got the chance.

 Doorly’s 14-Year Old

If Jack Sparrow ever met Richard Seale, he’d probably shake his hand and then proceed to steal all of the rum that Foursquare Distillery has ever produced. Of course he’d proclaim that it was the day where Foursquare almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow.

One of his immediate choices from the Foursquare family would be the Doorly’s 14-year old rum. First attracted by the Macaw on the bottle, he’d take a swig and drift off into rum heaven.

The spirit is aged in bourbon casks, while another portion is aged in Madeira casks. When mixed together it creates an overriding sweetness filled with jam, berries, mango and cinnamon.

Another pirate that Sparrow would share a bottle of rum with is Captain Edward Kenway. Learn more about his rum collection.


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