Going To The Dogs: The Legend Of Black Shuck And Reimagination Through Rum

English folklore is made up of countless stories of monsters, beasts and fantastical creatures who roam the land, with one of the most infamous being Black Shuck. Tales of sinister, black dogs have been recorded throughout various places, yet the legend of Black Shuck has a particularly strong connection to East Anglia.

Read on to learn more about this devil hound and which distillery has reimagined the story through the lens of rum.

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Be Careful What You Wish For: The Legend Of Bacoo And Rum

Caribbean folklore has its fair share of monsters, spirits and things that go bump in the night and many of these entities have a connection to rum. An example is the bacoo, a mischievous Guyanese spirit with magical powers. 

Similar to a djinn, the bacoo has the power to grant wishes and bring good fortune to its owner. But there’s far more to the Caribbean’s answer to a djinn that meets the eye. You must always be careful of what you wish for.

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4 Intriguing Rums That Have Been Inspired By Folklore

Rum plays an important role in the folklore of many different cultures, ranging from Caribbean destinations like Jamaica, to the American deep south. So, it should come as no surprise that there are rum brands that have been inspired by folklore and weaved it into the story of their bottles. Here are four of the most intriguing rums that are steeped in myth and monsters.

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Investigating The Story Of The Rolling Calf

Rum and folklore have a habit of going hand in hand, whether through the well-established connection to pirates, or a focus on the supernatural. 

In particular, Caribbean folklore has strong ties to rum and an example of this is with the Rolling Calf, a dreaded spirit that stalks through the night looking to destroy anything it comes into contact with.

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Keeping The Wolf From The Door: Loup-Garou And Rum

In Louisiana, there are stories about a mysterious wolf-like creature known as the loup-garou. The tales are as diverse as the name, with variations including lougaroux, rugaru, roux-ga-roux and rougarou. But no matter how the name is spelled, the image of a creature stalking the Louisiana swamps has persisted for centuries.

So, what is the truth behind the loup-garou and how is the creature connected to rum?

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La Giraldilla And Her Connection To Cuban Rum

Folklore looms large in the history of rum, spanning across multiple countries and production styles. In Cuba, the legend of the Giraldilla is linked with Havana Club, as the brand uses her for its logo. But who or what exactly is the Giraldilla and how did it become an icon for one of the most famous rum brands in the world?

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Walking The Path Of The Flaming Rum Ceremony: Ogun And His Role In Haitian Foklore

In Haiti, rum is closely tied to local folklore and the deities that exist within the pantheon of Haitian Voudou. A symbol of strength, an offering and a form of protection, rum has many connotations, all manifested through the god Ogun. Also known as Ogou, this warrior spirit is known as the god of iron, fire metalworking and rum-making.

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Songs Of The Sea: Dead Man’s Chest

Sea shanties and songs have become synonymous with pirates, sailors and privateers, all looking to embrace the freedom of the ocean. Songs Of The Sea is a segment that analyses different shanties, where they came from and what they mean.

The Rum Ration is starting off with one of the most popular pirate ditties, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ which might as well be the anthem of every swashbuckler who ever laced up their boots.

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Baron Samedi: A God Rum Drinkers Can Share A Bottle With

Folklore is built around legendary figures who’ve become larger than life to us mere mortals. Gods, heroes, spirits and demons vie for our attention, spreading across cultures and connecting people to the supernatural. A common strand across every culture is the presence of a death god, and in the case of Haitian Voudou, it’s Baron Samedi.

Suave, changeable and bawdy, the head of the Guede loa is the kind of god a rum drinker can share a bottle with.

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What’s The Connection Between Duppy And Rum?

Folklore of the Caribbean is as diverse as the people who inhabit the islands. The melting pot of cultures has created a pantheon of supernatural creatures who’re as changeable as the stories that are passed down about them from generation to generation.

Duppy are common in Caribbean folklore, haunting the spirit realm and bringing mischief wherever they go. But what is the story of the duppy and how is it connected to rum?

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