Weird Western Rum Cocktails Collaboration To Celebrate Launch Of At The Dead Of Dusk

Since starting The Rum Ration in 2020, I’ve loved being a part of a passionate community who’re determined to spread the gospel of rum far and wide. Along the way, it brought me into contact with Manchester rum liqueur brand Witch Kings Rum, who blend their love of rum with fantasy and bohemian culture.

This habit of combining different interests together is something I share and it’s led to a fun collaboration between myself and Witch Kings Rum to celebrate the launch of my debut horror novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK.

Character inspired cocktails 

Witch Kings Rum haS created two limited edition cocktails for two characters from AT THE DEAD OF DUSK and brought them to life. The first is Hammer of The Witches, a robust, complex cocktail that is inspired by infamous witch hunter Clay McNab. 

Hammer Of The Witches cocktail from Tales Of The Frontier.

A complicated man, McNab has dedicated his life to exterminating supernatural forces from The Frontier and Hammer Of The Witches reflects his personality. The cocktail has been made using Witch Kings Rum Fires Of The Wild and bourbon for a complex, mouth-punching drink to match McNab’s personality.

The second cocktail High Priestess is inspired by the antagonist of the novella and McNab’s mortal enemy, Agnus Cartwright. An ancient witch, Cartwright rules her clan with an iron fist and she’ll do whatever she has to do to protect the people who’re closest to her. High Priestess uses Witch Kings Rum Bohemian Dreams and Cachaca for a tangy, fruit cocktail. 

High Priestess cocktail from Tales Of The Frontier.

When creating the cocktails it was important that there be a story of contrast. McNab and Cartwright are the opposites of each other, viewing each other as the villains of the story and the flavours needed to reflect that dichotomy. 

Founders of Witch Kings Rum Maxi Tin-Bradbury and Brandon Bizzle understood what I was looking for straight away and they’ve created some amazing rum-infused cocktails that have brought Tales Of The Frontier to life.

You can buy Hammer Of The Witches and High Priestess at the Witch Kings Rum online store now and be sure to pick up a copy of AT THE DEAD OF DUSK too. 

At The Dead Of Dusk by Jamie Ryder.

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