Calling All Kindred Spirits With The Drink To That Newsletter

Being in a bar or a restaurant is transformative. Venues like that are an intersection of new cultures, communication, excitement and storytelling. Drinks play a vital role in creating these experiences and rum definitely gets the blood pumping.

Rum is one of my favourite drinks. But it’s not the only thing that floats my boat. I’m pleased to announce the launch of Drink To That, a newsletter for imbibing knowledge, celebrating the hospitality industry and providing content marketing tips for drink brands.

What’s involved in the newsletter? 

Drinks, drinks and more drinks. This kind of content will range from interviews with distillers to combining quirky topics such as comics and philosophy. 

I’ll also be providing content marketing and copywriting tips for drink and hospitality brands who’re looking to forge deeper connections with their audience and tell their stories with the world.

The types of content you can expect to read includes:

  • Sake, shochu and awamori
  • Rum ramblings
  • Whisky wisdom (or lack thereof)
  • Gin conversations
  • Craft beer talk
  • Interviews with brewers and distillers
  • Spotlighting new drink concepts across the world

If any of that sounds like your cup of tea (or Irish coffee) then subscribe to Drink To That today. Cheers to that!

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