How To Start A Rum Society With Jay Cocorullo

There are many reasons to love rum. It’s tasty, historically rich and provides a sense of connection across the world. Rum inspires people to create communities and that’s exactly what happened for Jay Cocorullo, who started the Florida Rum Society (FRS) to unite people across Florida and beyond in their love of rum.

Cocorullo recently appeared on an episode of the Rumcast to talk about what it means to set up a rum community and his appreciation for tiki culture. It’s an episode that’s sure to inspire others to start up their own rum group within their local community. 

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A Handy List Of Rum Resources From Rumcast

Falling down the rum rabbit hole is an exciting, balls to the wall kind of experience. There’s so much to discover and learn, from the different styles, to the designations between words like ‘rhum’ and ‘ron.’ But this is also a double edge sword because just where in the hell are you meant to start learning? 

Fortunately, there’s an answer provided on the Rumcast, a podcast dedicated to spreading the gospel of rum. In a recent episode, co-hosts Will Hoekenga and John Gulla created a list of handy rum resources to look into.

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Ahoy! Welcome To The Rum Ration

Greetings to all rum lovers, distillers, pirates and appreciators of tiki culture! Welcome to The Rum Ration, a magazine that’s dedicated to celebrating all things rum. As seems appropriate for the beginning of anything new, I thought I’d take you through the rationale behind the publication and the kind of content to look out for in future….

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