A Deep Dive Into Surinamese Rum With The Suriname Alcoholic Beverages Company

Throughout 2020, rum webinars have become a part of my weekly routine. It’s been fascinating to connect with and learn about distilleries from all over the world through Zavvy and discover folks who’re pushing the rum industry to new heights. It’s even better discovering a country I didn’t know much about and that country happened to be Suriname in South America.

Cocktail Wonk’s Matt Pietrek hosted a webinar with the Suriname Alcoholic Beverages (SAB) company, shining a light on the intriguing world of Surinamese rum and how the country has transformed in recent years.

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Caithness Raiders Rum Review: A Drink That’s Worthy Of Valhalla

In recent years, Scotland has become a popular place for rum producers to set up shop. The likes of J.Gow, Mattuga and SeaWolf are making their mark on the rum industry with unique offerings and another Scottish brand who deserves to be among such storied companies is the Ice and Fire Distillery based in Caithness.

The distillery’s Caithness Raiders rum conjures images of adventure, exploration and hardiness. I was kindly presented with a bottle to sample and given my appreciation for viking culture, I was eager to dive in and try.

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Purple Yams, Pralines And Good Times: 2 Unique Spiced Rums Crafted In Manchester

Saint Lucia rum brand Chairman’s Reserve have recently launched a competition called the Spiced Lab, a contest that invites bartenders from all over the world to craft their own spiced rum and the winner will go on to have a free trip to the distillery and have their rum produced and sold across the globe. 

It’s an exciting time for the spiced rum category and it just so happens that two bartenders from my home city of Manchester have reached the crucial ‘sampling’ phase of the competition. Karl Stanley and Kyra Elton who work at the Science + Industry Bar have created some truly stunning drinks, so naturally I had to get on down to the bar to try them for myself.

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Gold Of Mauritius Dark Rum Review: Easy To Deal With And Not Overbearing

Mauritius is a place that’s on my bucket list to travel to, and like so many nations that I’ve yet to visit, the next best thing to experiencing the culture is through food and drink. In the case of Mauritian culture, it’s through sipping Gold of Mauritius dark rum, a sweet beverage that’s easy on the taste buds and good for imagining sitting on a tropical beach without a care in the world.

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A Merry Life And A Short One

When the boy went to sea

He had no idea of the life he would lead

All he wanted was to leave the old one behind

Scrubbing decks was his bread and butter

Aboard, there was no bread and butter to eat

After the first month he stowed away on another ship

A great beast of a vessel railing against the wind

Powered by a restless need to wander and conquer

The captain found him the same day

Half-starved, more ghost than boy

Rum brought him back to life

Warmed his blood 

From that day forward he wore many hats

Swabbie, powder monkey, first mate, captain

Shanties became his lullaby

Violence became his religion

Rum became his mistress

Drank in victory, burned in defeat

Years later the boy returned home

His father didn’t recognise him

He saw a man in fine clothes

It was the last thing he saw

The boy went back to the sea

Roving to the edges of the world

Until he went down with his ship

A merry life and a short one

A Tale Of Two Spirits: Kokuto Shochu Vs Rum

When it comes to diverse spirits, rum deserves to be at the forefront of the conversation. The range of flavour profiles is incredible and this diversity can provide a gateway into spirits that have similar qualities but are unique in their own right. An example of this is kokuto shochu, a Japanese spirit that’s perfect for rum lovers.

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Learning About The Legacy Of Georges Stades And The West Indies Rum Distillery

Barbados and rum have every right to be in the same sentence, as the island produces some of the finest grog to be found anywhere on the planet. A business that carries on the tradition of producing fine Bajan rum is the West Indies Distillery, a venue with a rich heritage that started with a man named Georges Stades. 

Stades impact on the rum industry was prolific and it was fascinating to learn about his story on a webinar hosted by The Rum Lab’s Federico Hernadez. West Indies Rum Distillery: Diving Into 4 Generations Of Rum-Making featured master distiller Don Benn and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, who recounted the life of Stades and how the distillery came into existence.

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A Pirate’s Life: Awilda

A Pirate’s Life puts the spotlight on the rum collections of some of history’s most famous buccaneers, which includes Henry EverySamuel Bellamy and more. Fame and fortune are common reasons for becoming a pirate, but for some it offered an escape and this was the motivation of the Scandinavian pirate Awilda.

Born in the 5thcentury to a Scandinavian king, Synardus, Awilda was arranged to be married to Alf, the prince of Denmark. Refusing to have her life be dictated for her, Awilda fled from the kingdom, eventually becoming a pirate captain.

Having sailed across the Nordic region and beyond, Awilda’s rum cabinet would feature drinks that reflected her heritage and the techniques of her homeland. 

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