A Pirate’s Life: Anne Bonny

A Pirate’s Life examines the drinking habits of history’s most infamous buccaneers and reimages what kind of rum they’d enjoy in the modern day. Anne Bonny is one of the most well-known lady pirates, having been featured in multiple works of fiction and been the source of much historical debate.

If she were alive today, Bonny would no doubt have a damn impressive rum collection, so let’s look at what kind of grog she’d stash.

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La Giraldilla And Her Connection To Cuban Rum

Folklore looms large in the history of rum, spanning across multiple countries and production styles. In Cuba, the legend of the Giraldilla is linked with Havana Club, as the brand uses her for its logo. But who or what exactly is the Giraldilla and how did it become an icon for one of the most famous rum brands in the world?

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Havana Club Anejo 3 Review: A Beautiful Rum That Embodies The Spirit Of Cuba

There are some rum brands that have become icons, either from their heritage or because they’ve come to embody a certain style. Havana Club is the type of brand that’s become synonymous with what good Cuban rum tastes like.

The standard bearer of the line is Havana Club Anejo 3, a creamy light rum that does a hell of a job of selling the positive images of Cuba i.e. jazz music, fine cocktails and thick cigars.

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