You should’ve seen the size of it

A beast of a pot still that dominated the distillery

All retorts and alembic filters flexing muscle

The swan necks were so elegant 

It was like the thing was engineered by nature

The surface shimmering gold

As if plucked from the pages of some wonderful steampunk novel

More bombastic and beautiful than any religious icon

A symbol for worshipping at the altar of distillation

Creativity in machine form

Powerful, precise, precious

Harnessing the spirit of making smooth spirits

It’s a story I’ll be passing down through the generations

As much to preserve history 

As to remember what that still inspired within me that day

Songs Of The Sea: Whisky Johnny

Songs Of The Sea shines a light on obscure shanties that are connected to rum and other types of booze. Aboard a ship, there were many types of drinking songs and one of the catchiest was Whisky Johnny. The kind of song that made you want to knock back a dram, Whisky Johnny gave sailors something to hope for on long journeys at sea.

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