Going To The Dogs: The Legend Of Black Shuck And Reimagination Through Rum

English folklore is made up of countless stories of monsters, beasts and fantastical creatures who roam the land, with one of the most infamous being Black Shuck. Tales of sinister, black dogs have been recorded throughout various places, yet the legend of Black Shuck has a particularly strong connection to East Anglia.

Read on to learn more about this devil hound and which distillery has reimagined the story through the lens of rum.

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Appreciating The World Of Japanese Rum (Japan Distilled Podcast Review)

With each passing year, rum is becoming more popular, with different countries leaving their own mark on the category and infusing unique characteristics. Japan is also getting in on the rum boom and several brands have popped up to champion the Land of The Rising Sun.

But what exactly is Japanese rum and how does it stand out from rum produced in other parts of the world? This question is answered in Japan Distilled, a podcast dedicated to the exploration of spirits in Japan.

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A Pirate’s Life: Grace O’Malley

A Pirate’s Life tells the stories of history’s most infamous buccaneers and imagines the kind of rum they’d stash if they were alive today. Over the years, Ireland has had its fair share of pirates and Grace O’Malley is remembered as one of the fiercest of them all.

Famous for her defiance of English rule and dedication to her homeland, O’Malley was a scourge of the Atlantic and truly a pirate queen. Let’s examine her rum collection to see what she’d be drinking while she was plundering.

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Learning About The Magic Of Mount Gay Rum With Dr Frank Ward (Rumcast Review)

Barbados rum is undoubtedly one of the premier players in world of rum, personified in all its glory through Mount Gay. With a rich history and innovative production methods, Mount Gay has been delighting rum fans across the globe and its thanks to the efforts of people like former Mount Gay managing director Dr Frank Ward.

Ward recently appeared in an episode of Rumcast to talk about his experiences at Mount Gay and his time as the chairman of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA). The conversation is insightful, informative, with Ward getting to the heart of what makes Barbados rum unique.

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Cor Cor Red Rum Review: A Tropical Delight That Showcases The Spirit Of Okinawa

Japan holds a long tradition of producing high-quality drinks, with the people having a knack for putting their own spin on an established technique and perfecting it. This was the case for whisky and it’s happening with rum as well. Japanese rum is gradually becoming its own distinctive category, with the likes of Nine Leaves and Iejima leading the charge. 

Another distillery that’s making waves is the Grace Distillery, personified by the Cor Cor brand. I’d turned it into a mission to get my hands on at least one of the bottles and I was successful with the purchase of Cor Cor Red. Let’s examine what makes this rum stand out.

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Songs Of The Sea: Fiddler’s Green

No matter the time period, a life at sea is no picnic and sailors would often find ways to break up the monotony and pain of long voyages. Sea shanties were common and while many songs carried a melancholy tune, there were others that had a far more hopeful outlook. 

Fiddler’s Green is one such example. Described as an afterlife for sailors, Fiddler’s Green is a sea shanty that describes rebirth and endless possibilities.

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