Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Review: A Glorious Introductory Jamaican Rum

In the rum world, Jamaican grog has earned a reputation for being the cream of the crop. Characterised by the pot-still distillation method and funky flavours, Jamaican rum has been delighting people all over the world. So, it only seems fitting that my first Jamaican rum comes from the legendary Appleton Estate, a name synonymous with high-quality booze.

The Appleton Estate Reserve Blend is a grand introduction. Smooth, spicy and sessionable, it’s opened the gateway into the world of Jamaican rum.

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Black Tot Day

It was madness

Every lad from port to starboard

Jostled to get to the front of the line

Black armbands flailing like jolly rogers

Even the bosun were throwing punches

Until the pipe came and the six bells rang 

A profound silence filled the air

Up spirits one last time

Drinking to memory 

A procession of lament and final salute

Three centuries of tradition buried at sea

All these years later I still remember that bloody slogan

“Last Issue of Rum to the Royal Navy 31st July 1970.”

Montanya Platino Review: White Rum That Unfurls In A Waterfall Of Flavour

American rum is a category that continues to go from strength to strength, with brands like Privateer and Holmes Cay continuing to innovate with their production and marketing approach. Montanya is another American rum distiller that has produced some exciting products and their passion for the business is reflected in the Platino, a gorgeous white rum that’s as contradictory as it is complex.

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Rum Champions: Collin Van Schayk

Rum Champions highlights the stories of the folks who’re doing some awesome things in the rum industry and it was a pleasure to chat to Collin Van Schayk, the founder of J.Gow rum. Named after the infamous Orkney pirate, John Gow, J.Gow is a brand that’s been built from a place of passion and determination.

Collin went into detail about the production method behind his rum, where J.Gow is going in the future and a couple of sexy new releases that are happening soon.

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A Pirate’s Life: Long John Silver

“Fifteen men on the Dead Man’s Chest. Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of a rum.” That timeless phrase was uttered by Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and immortalised the connection between pirates and rum in popular culture. The complex antagonist of Stevenson’s tale was a cunning and opportunistic pirate who loved his rum as much as he loved bragging about his accomplishments.

So, let’s take a look at the kind of rum that Silver would drink….

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Rum Champions: Lisette Davis

Rum Champions tells the stories of people who’re passionate about rum and how they became a part of the industry. For Lisette Davis, it’s about highlighting the diversity of Grenada culture and the rum that makes the island one of the most beautiful places to visit on Earth.

The Rum Ration caught up with The First Lady of Grenada rum to discuss what makes Grenada special and what it’s like to run a business that combines culture, chocolate and rum into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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The Rum Ration Hits 100 Followers!

Hitting milestones is an awesome feeling and The Rum Ration has officially hit 100 followers! I wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s stopped by to read the content and liked it enough to want to come back for more. 

To mark the occasion, I thought it’d be worth giving readers an idea of who exactly is behind The Rum Ration and go into more detail about myself. So, with that in mind, read on to learn more….

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Songs Of The Sea: Whisky Johnny

Songs Of The Sea shines a light on obscure shanties that are connected to rum and other types of booze. Aboard a ship, there were many types of drinking songs and one of the catchiest was Whisky Johnny. The kind of song that made you want to knock back a dram, Whisky Johnny gave sailors something to hope for on long journeys at sea.

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Rum Runners: Gertrude ‘Cleo’ Lythgoe

Rum Runners records the stories of the most notorious alcohol bootleggers in history. From larger than life figures like Al Capone, to gentleman smugglers such as Bill McCoy, men made headlines. But women like Gertrude ‘Cleo’ Lythgoe also made a name for themselves as successful rum smugglers and Lythgoe may well be the most successful of them all. 

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