Rum Champions: Roddy Battajon

Vietnam might not be the first country that springs to mind when you think of rum. But with high-quality sugarcane and flexible weather, Vietnam is an ideal place for producing great rum and that is the mission of Roddy Battajon. 

The founder of Rhum Belami, Roddy has dedicated himself to changing the perception about Vietnamese rum and creating a memorable spirit that can take the world by storm. Roddy was kind enough to chat with The Rum Ration about his experiences in the rum industry, the Rhum Belami portfolio and where he sees the future of the brand.

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Caithness Raiders Rum Review: A Drink That’s Worthy Of Valhalla

In recent years, Scotland has become a popular place for rum producers to set up shop. The likes of J.Gow, Mattuga and SeaWolf are making their mark on the rum industry with unique offerings and another Scottish brand who deserves to be among such storied companies is the Ice and Fire Distillery based in Caithness.

The distillery’s Caithness Raiders rum conjures images of adventure, exploration and hardiness. I was kindly presented with a bottle to sample and given my appreciation for viking culture, I was eager to dive in and try.

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Gold Of Mauritius Dark Rum Review: Easy To Deal With And Not Overbearing

Mauritius is a place that’s on my bucket list to travel to, and like so many nations that I’ve yet to visit, the next best thing to experiencing the culture is through food and drink. In the case of Mauritian culture, it’s through sipping Gold of Mauritius dark rum, a sweet beverage that’s easy on the taste buds and good for imagining sitting on a tropical beach without a care in the world.

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Learning About The Legacy Of Georges Stades And The West Indies Rum Distillery

Barbados and rum have every right to be in the same sentence, as the island produces some of the finest grog to be found anywhere on the planet. A business that carries on the tradition of producing fine Bajan rum is the West Indies Distillery, a venue with a rich heritage that started with a man named Georges Stades. 

Stades impact on the rum industry was prolific and it was fascinating to learn about his story on a webinar hosted by The Rum Lab’s Federico Hernadez. West Indies Rum Distillery: Diving Into 4 Generations Of Rum-Making featured master distiller Don Benn and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, who recounted the life of Stades and how the distillery came into existence.

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Samai Kampot Pepper Review: A Rum That’s Unique In Every Sense Of The Word

When it comes to rum production, Cambodia might not be the first country that you’d use in the same sentence. But Cambodian rum is very much a thing, and a pretty awesome thing at that. This is thanks to the Samai Distillery.

Based in Phnom Penh, the distillery is producing some of the most unique rum to be found anywhere in the world and one such example is the intriguing Kampot Pepper. Spicy, layered and graceful, this drink is a perfect introduction into the growing world of Cambodian rum. 

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Edge Café And Restaurant Review: A Delicious Slice Of The Caribbean In Manchester

One of food’s greatest quality is its ability to transport you to another place and open the mind to new experiences and cultures. Coming out of lockdown, I feel that quality is more important than ever, especially with travel restrictions and hospitality venues all over the world struggling to stay afloat.

Supporting local food businesses is the first step to regaining that transformative eating experience and that’s what I decided to do when I went to Stretford in Manchester where I grew up to visit the Edge Café and Restaurant.

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Rum Champions: John Gulla

Rum Champions is all about sharing the stories of the folks who’re passionate about making, promoting and talking rum. An awesome resource that deals with those last two points is Rumcast, a podcast that’s hosted by John Gulla and Will Hoekenga. 

It was a pleasure to interview John about his journey into rum and what inspired him to set up the podcast. Read on to discover John’s thoughts on how rum compares to bourbon, the state of the rum industry in Miami and the famous historical characters he’d share a tot with. 

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Songs Of The Sea: All For Me Grog

Songs Of The Sea highlights some of history’s famous shanties and drinking ditties. Rum has been a key theme throughout many songs, with All For Me Grog being a rum tune that has stood the test of time. Originally a folk song that has been reinterpreted by modern bands such as The Dubliners, All For Me Grog is a bittersweet shanty with a jaunty rhythm.

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Montanya Oro Rum Review: A Grand Symphony Of Flavour

The Montanya Distillery in Colorado is a pioneer in the American rum category, having created some of the most scintillating drinks to be found anywhere in the world. One of the brand’s most beautiful offerings is the Oro, a subtle, smoky drink that builds in character with every sip and reflects the passion of the people who’ve created it.

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