Reimagining The Story Of Rum With Marc Farrell

It’s an exciting time for the rum industry. More and more people are getting interested in the category and the shift towards rum being recognised as a high-end, premium spirit continues to gain momentum. This transition is being made possible through storytelling. Through honouring the rich history of rum and presenting it through a modern lens of the cultures that have shaped it.

For Marc Farrell, reimagining the story of rum has never been more important. The founder of Ten To One Rum, Farrell is on a mission to elevate the category and he recently provided insight into how he wants to do this on a webinar with The Rum Lab.

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Learning About The Legacy Of Georges Stades And The West Indies Rum Distillery

Barbados and rum have every right to be in the same sentence, as the island produces some of the finest grog to be found anywhere on the planet. A business that carries on the tradition of producing fine Bajan rum is the West Indies Distillery, a venue with a rich heritage that started with a man named Georges Stades. 

Stades impact on the rum industry was prolific and it was fascinating to learn about his story on a webinar hosted by The Rum Lab’s Federico Hernadez. West Indies Rum Distillery: Diving Into 4 Generations Of Rum-Making featured master distiller Don Benn and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel, who recounted the life of Stades and how the distillery came into existence.

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