5 Must-Read Rum Magazines For The Curious Drinker

When it comes to improving your knowledge of rum, there are plenty of helpful resources out there for learning about how the spirit is produced, the different styles and the heritage of various distilleries.  

The Rum Ration believes in supporting other rum-based magazines and here are five must-read publications that are sure to deepen your appreciation for rum.

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A Handy List Of Rum Resources From Rumcast

Falling down the rum rabbit hole is an exciting, balls to the wall kind of experience. There’s so much to discover and learn, from the different styles, to the designations between words like ‘rhum’ and ‘ron.’ But this is also a double edge sword because just where in the hell are you meant to start learning? 

Fortunately, there’s an answer provided on the Rumcast, a podcast dedicated to spreading the gospel of rum. In a recent episode, co-hosts Will Hoekenga and John Gulla created a list of handy rum resources to look into.

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