Heeding The Call Of Sairen Rum And Its Inspiration From Greek Mythology

Mythology is fertile ground for reinterpreting stories and sharing them in a new context and as a folklore and mythology geek, I’m forever on the look out for drink brands that tap into an old legend or mythological creature.

On my adventures so far, I’ve encountered rum from Norfolk that channels the spirit of Black Shuck, a rum from Manchester infused with the story of a Caribbean seductress and much more. 

The next port of call on my drunken odyssey is investigating the story of a brand that evokes Greek mythology, Sairen Rum. 

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Sly Dog Rum founders.

Rum Champions: Bruce And Louis Goddard-Watts

It feels like rum has never been hotter as a spirit. New brands are popping up on a yearly basis and of all the categories, spiced rum is experiencing a tremendous boom in sales and attention. This spiced rum trend is particularly strong in the UK and one of the newest brands to put their own stamp on the category is SLY DOG.

Founded by brothers Bruce and Louis Goddard-Watts, SLY DOG is on a mission to do things differently and continue to change the perception that rum isn’t a premium spirit. 

The Rum Ration caught up with the brothers about the making of SLY DOG, why they think spiced rum is having its moment and where the future of the category can go. 

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SLY DOG rum.

SLY DOG Spiced Rum Review: Whisky-Like, Wonderful And Damn Easy Drinking

Spiced rum continues to be a rising star in the spirits world, standing out for being sessionable and smooth. Many upcoming rum brands have been eager to put their own mark on the spiced rum category and one of the latest to emerge in the UK is SLY DOG. 

A rum with an interesting backstory and big plans behind the brand, check out the full review of SLY DOG spiced rum.

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Black Shuck Spiced Rum Review: A Highly Sessionable Rum That Taps Into English Folklore

When viewed through the prism of folklore, rum can take on the connotations of local history or feel a part of a wider community. This has proved to be a popular marketing tactic with rum brands who also want to share a culture from another part of the world.

As a folklore nerd, I love coming across spirits that take inspiration from an obscure legend or tall tale and there’s definitely a lot of that mixed into the story of Black Shuck spiced rum.

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Hygge Spiced Rum Review: Comfort In A Glass

The UK rum scene continues to go from strength to strength, with new brands and concepts popping up all over the country. In particular, the spiced rum category is experiencing a lot of growth and a UK brand that offers one of the most pleasant drinking experiences is Hygge Rum.

Let’s dive into The Rum Ration’s review of Hygge Spiced Rum and see how it stacks up.

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Magic Moments, Family Feelings And Good Drinks: A Conversation With Hygge Rum

The spiced rum category has experienced a great boom in recent years, with consumers using it as a gateway into the wider rum world. This enjoyment is sure to increase and a brand that’s embraced the spiced rum philosophy is Hygge Rum.

Inspired by the Danish concept for cosiness and happy living, Hygge Rum aims to provide a memorable drinking experience in every bottle. The Rum Ration chatted to one of the founders, Ben, about creating the brand in lockdown and how Hygge differs from other spiced rum. 

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Purple Yams, Pralines And Good Times: 2 Unique Spiced Rums Crafted In Manchester

Saint Lucia rum brand Chairman’s Reserve have recently launched a competition called the Spiced Lab, a contest that invites bartenders from all over the world to craft their own spiced rum and the winner will go on to have a free trip to the distillery and have their rum produced and sold across the globe. 

It’s an exciting time for the spiced rum category and it just so happens that two bartenders from my home city of Manchester have reached the crucial ‘sampling’ phase of the competition. Karl Stanley and Kyra Elton who work at the Science + Industry Bar have created some truly stunning drinks, so naturally I had to get on down to the bar to try them for myself.

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Black Kraken Spiced Rum Review: Tastes Like Nostalgia

When it comes to starting a quest into the realm of a certain type of drink, there’s usually two or three brands responsible for kickstarting the interest. In the case of my rum journey, the bottle that started it all was Kraken Rum. A well-established spiced rum, Kraken is a staple of damn near every bar around and with its easy drinking quality, it’s not hard to see why.

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