Songs Of The Sea: All For Me Grog

Songs Of The Sea highlights some of history’s famous shanties and drinking ditties. Rum has been a key theme throughout many songs, with All For Me Grog being a rum tune that has stood the test of time. Originally a folk song that has been reinterpreted by modern bands such as The Dubliners, All For Me Grog is a bittersweet shanty with a jaunty rhythm.

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Songs Of The Sea: Jolly Roving Tar

Sea shanties are musical snapshots in time. They convey a sense of what conditions were like for sailors during the heyday of piracy and many are still sung today to celebrate the history of ships and the navy.

Rum was a common theme in various shanties and it crops up a few times in Jolly Roving Tar.  A sea shanty with a bittersweet tone, Jolly Roving Tar has multiple interpretations.

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Songs Of The Sea: A Drop Of Nelson’s Blood

Songs Of The Sea shares the history of some of the most memorable sea shanties. Plenty of shanties featured boozing and roving, with A Drop Of Nelson’s Blood doing a great job of capturing the spirit of drunk and rowdy sailors. A slang term for rum, Nelson’s Blood warmed the hearts of many mariners during long sea journeys.

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Songs Of The Sea: Whisky Johnny

Songs Of The Sea shines a light on obscure shanties that are connected to rum and other types of booze. Aboard a ship, there were many types of drinking songs and one of the catchiest was Whisky Johnny. The kind of song that made you want to knock back a dram, Whisky Johnny gave sailors something to hope for on long journeys at sea.

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Songs Of The Sea: Randy Dandy-O

Songs Of The Sea is a segment that tells the origins of different sea shanties and what makes them so timeless. From pirate ditties, to melancholy choruses about the realities of ship life, the sea shanty has left an enduring mark on popular culture. In particular, Randy Dandy-O does an excellent job of describing the harsh conditions of life at sea.

With tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a jaunty rhythm, Randy Dandy-O is a classic sailor’s tune.

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Songs Of The Sea: Leave Her Johnny

Songs Of The Sea is a segment that analyses the history of different sea shanties and how they communicated the feelings of the people who sung them. One of the most famous sea shanties is called Leave her Johnny, also known as Leave Her Bullies, Time For Us To Leave Her and Leave Her.

Mournful, poignant and haunting, Leave Her Johnny delivers a snapshot of the working conditions that sailors had to deal with when they were out at sea for months on end.

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