Nelson’s Memorial

When the sailor went to sea
He heard every shanty under the sun
His favourite was a Drop Of Nelson’s Blood
Hard bastard that Horatio
So goddamn legendary his men pickled him in rum
They drank his essence to stay strong
To carry his spirit through the ages
The sailor thought about it
Every time he knocked back a tot
“Forget that cremation and coffin shite.
Bury me at sea in a barrel of rum.”
He told his buddies
Years later,
When the sailor was old, grey and passed away
His buddies chipped in for a barrel
Sent him on down to Fiddler’s Green
So he could raise a cup with Lord Nelson
And shares stories of the sea.

Songs Of The Sea: Fiddler’s Green

No matter the time period, a life at sea is no picnic and sailors would often find ways to break up the monotony and pain of long voyages. Sea shanties were common and while many songs carried a melancholy tune, there were others that had a far more hopeful outlook. 

Fiddler’s Green is one such example. Described as an afterlife for sailors, Fiddler’s Green is a sea shanty that describes rebirth and endless possibilities.

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