Learning About The Magic Of Mount Gay Rum With Dr Frank Ward (Rumcast Review)

Barbados rum is undoubtedly one of the premier players in world of rum, personified in all its glory through Mount Gay. With a rich history and innovative production methods, Mount Gay has been delighting rum fans across the globe and its thanks to the efforts of people like former Mount Gay managing director Dr Frank Ward.

Ward recently appeared in an episode of Rumcast to talk about his experiences at Mount Gay and his time as the chairman of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA). The conversation is insightful, informative, with Ward getting to the heart of what makes Barbados rum unique.

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Learning About The Story Of Barbancourt Rum With Delphine Gardère (Rumcast Review)

Haiti produces some of the most unique rum in the world and it’s gained more attention in recent years, becoming an extension of Haitian culture. Called clairin, this spirit has brought more awareness to Haitian brands, including Barbancourt, which is arguably the most well-known Haitian rum producer. 

It’s important to note that Barbancourt exists in a category of its own. It’s neither rhum agricole or clairin and until I listened to the Rumcast’s interview with the CEO of Barbancourt, Delphine Gardère, I believed their rum could be categorised as clairin. Read on to learn more about Gardère’s story and how Barbancourt rum stands out.

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How To Start A Rum Society With Jay Cocorullo

There are many reasons to love rum. It’s tasty, historically rich and provides a sense of connection across the world. Rum inspires people to create communities and that’s exactly what happened for Jay Cocorullo, who started the Florida Rum Society (FRS) to unite people across Florida and beyond in their love of rum.

Cocorullo recently appeared on an episode of the Rumcast to talk about what it means to set up a rum community and his appreciation for tiki culture. It’s an episode that’s sure to inspire others to start up their own rum group within their local community. 

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Fall Down The Rhum Agricole Rabbit Hole With Kiowa Bryan (Rumcast Review)

Since falling down the rum rabbit hole, one of the most striking things I’ve found about the category is the wealth of different styles and varieties that can be found all over the world. Among the most unique is rhum agricole, which is made from fresh sugarcane juice, rather than molasses.

There’s a rich history in the rhum agricole category that’s fascinating to explore and a great place to learn about it is over on the Rumcast podcast. Co-hosts John Gulla and Will Hoekenga recently invited rhum princess Kiowa Bryan onto the show to talk about what makes agricole so unique and why you should be trying it.

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Rum Champions: John Gulla

Rum Champions is all about sharing the stories of the folks who’re passionate about making, promoting and talking rum. An awesome resource that deals with those last two points is Rumcast, a podcast that’s hosted by John Gulla and Will Hoekenga. 

It was a pleasure to interview John about his journey into rum and what inspired him to set up the podcast. Read on to discover John’s thoughts on how rum compares to bourbon, the state of the rum industry in Miami and the famous historical characters he’d share a tot with. 

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Rumcast Review: An Insightful Episode With Rum Aficianado Kate Perry

For rum aficionados, Rumcast is a phenomenal resource for listening to stories about the people who’re shaping the industry and leading the charge for exciting new products.

In a recent episode, Rum Cast interviewed Kate Perry, the North American Marketing Manager for La Maison and Velier. The episode revealed some great insight into the mission statement of brands like Velier and why Perry is so passionate about rum!

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Take A Trip Down Under With Australian Rum (Rumcast Review)

If you’re looking to learn more about rum, then an excellent resource to tap into is Rumcast. Hosted by Will Hoekenga and John Gulla, Rumcast features content about rum champions who’re producing the spirit all over the world.

On a recent episode, Rumcast explored the fascinating world of Australian rum with the production manager of Beenleigh Distillery, Steve Magarry. From discussing the Beenleigh Distillery product range to pulling back the curtain of Australia’s rum history, Steve provided some awesome insight.

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Rum Champions: Will Hoekenga

The rum industry is full of passionate people who’re dedicated to changing the perception of rum. And The Rum Ration is keen to share stories that capture the passion of what makes people from all walks of life fall in love with the spirit. Introducing Rum Champions, an interview series that puts the spotlight on the folks who’re making the rum community such a joy to be a part of.

The first guest is the co-host of Rumcast and founder of American Rum Report, Will Hoekenga. Will is doing some great work with promoting the emerging American rum category and spreading the gospel of rum all over the world with the podcast. Read on to discover what got him into rum, what types he’d recommend and his historical drinking partner of choice.

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A Handy List Of Rum Resources From Rumcast

Falling down the rum rabbit hole is an exciting, balls to the wall kind of experience. There’s so much to discover and learn, from the different styles, to the designations between words like ‘rhum’ and ‘ron.’ But this is also a double edge sword because just where in the hell are you meant to start learning? 

Fortunately, there’s an answer provided on the Rumcast, a podcast dedicated to spreading the gospel of rum. In a recent episode, co-hosts Will Hoekenga and John Gulla created a list of handy rum resources to look into.

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