Technical Spirit Tasting, Demystifying Aromas And Flavours With Maggie Campbell

Technical drink tasting is a skill that takes years to develop and can be applied across all alcohol categories. So, when the opportunity comes along to gain some insight from a master it’s worth taking and that’s exactly what happened with Privateer Rum’s Maggie Campbell on her Technical Tasting, Demystifying Aromas and Flavours webinar.

Throughout the webinar, Maggie took viewers on a deep dive into the philosophy of spirt tasting and provided tips on how to translate flavour into an emotional sensation.

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A Series Of Tasting Notes

Pear and apple on the nose. Light, floral and pungent. Pear, lilac and gooseberries dance across the tongue, inviting. Have another sip.

Smell of caramel and burnt toffee gathers in the air. Tastes like gingerbread, warm. Ideal for a cold winter night.

A scent of gasoline and glue. Rubber, greasy donna kebab in a glass. A masochist’s dream. Will pour another.

Hot and peppery aroma. Notes of grapefruit and blueberry cut through the spice. Not out of the woods. Volcano fire burns the throat. Another round.

Delicate. Juicy. Ephemeral. Notes of rum and raisin ice cream tempered with layers of green pepper and tomato. Nectar of the gods.