Druken Sailor

Do you want to know my dad’s favourite shanty?

Drunken sailor

Not that he was ever one himself

A sailor I mean

He’s always been a bit of a romantic

Collecting ships in bottles

Sipping overproof rum in his armchair

Reading pirate novels

In another life he probably would’ve joined the navy

But he wanted to start a family instead

He set me off on a rum voyage

We sail together every month

Raising bottles of Bajan beauty

Swigging Jamaican gold

Warming our guts with Martinique sunshine

When he’s not around anymore

I’ll take my own boy sailing

And we’ll keep the family tradition alive 

Duppy Share

Let me tell you a story that always stuck with me

About the ways of the islands and the forces at work

When night falls and spirits come out to play

Beware the duppy

That creep from their holes in search of mayhem

Hopping from island to island

Stealing the best portions of rum

I know a guy who caught himself one

One night he left out a couple of bottles of Appleton signature blend

Then hid in the bushes

Wasn’t long before they came a-running

Two duppy sozzled in the light of the moon

At dawn only the big one is sober enough to leave

The small one takes a nap

And my friend captured it with his net

I know this sounds like drunk talk

Because it is

But there’s a morale

Never forget the duppy share

Otherwise you won’t see another sunrise

The Kill Devil You Know

It was Long John Silver who said

He lived on rum 

Meat, drink, man and wife

I tend to agree with him

None of this gin lark

Stick your whisky where the sun doesn’t shine

Beer’s pretty good

But give me a black bottle from Barbados

Burn my tongue on the flavours of Martinique

The holy trinity 

Appleton, J.M, Foursquare 

Sipping on an endless beach

In the dog days of summer

Distilled gold in my fingertips

That’s the life for me

Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith liked his rum three times a day

From sunrise to sunset he got his way

White in the morning, dark come the eve

His mates never knew what was up his sleeve

He rollicked and roved in every pub he could find

Never leaving an empty bottle behind

His personal stash was a sight to behold

Blended, spiced, experimental and gold

A modern-day pirate, a glutton for drink

That’s what he called himself when he had time to think

Johnny drank and drank but never got sick

Wherever he went rum was his faithful sidekick

It passed no judgement, brought him to life

Johnny never let it get between him and his wife