Exploring The World Of Rhum Agricole With Rhum JM Master Blender Karine Lassalle

Rhum agricole is a favourite choice for rum aficionados across the world, thanks to the efforts of brands like Rhum JM in Martinique. The personification of the rhum agricole style, Rhum JM is a distillery with plenty of history and tradition behind it. 

Visiting Martinique and exploring the distillery is on my bucket list and I was able to get my first taste of what that would be like on a webinar hosted by The Rum Lab with Rhum JM’s master blender Karine Lassalle and rhum agricole expert Kiowa Bryan.

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Fall Down The Rhum Agricole Rabbit Hole With Kiowa Bryan (Rumcast Review)

Since falling down the rum rabbit hole, one of the most striking things I’ve found about the category is the wealth of different styles and varieties that can be found all over the world. Among the most unique is rhum agricole, which is made from fresh sugarcane juice, rather than molasses.

There’s a rich history in the rhum agricole category that’s fascinating to explore and a great place to learn about it is over on the Rumcast podcast. Co-hosts John Gulla and Will Hoekenga recently invited rhum princess Kiowa Bryan onto the show to talk about what makes agricole so unique and why you should be trying it.

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A Pirate’s Life: Edward Kenway

When it comes to rum, there are certain tropes that have become synonymous with the drink. Pirates are one of them. The idea of the rum-swilling, swashbuckling scallywag was thrust into popular culture in the pages of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and since then, every buccaneer has yearned for their rum.

A Pirate’s Life is a series that reimagines real-life and fictional pirates in the modern day and the kind of rum they’d want to get their hands on. First up is the complicated and ambitious pirate Captain Edward Kenway of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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Rhum J.M Blanc Review: A Tornado Of Heat And Vegetal Glory

Since starting my rum voyage, I’ve been on a mission to discover different types of rum and a variety that immediately came onto my radar was rhum agricole. A distinctive French style, rhum agricole comes from Martinique and differs from other rum in that it’s made primarily with sugarcane juice rather than molasses.

For my first Martinique rhum I’ve chosen Rhum J.M Blanc, a vegetal white rhum with a peppery kick.

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