Nine Leaves Angel’s Half French Cask Review: The Ultimate Umami Rum

Discovering drinks from different parts of the world has helped to broaden my horizons and give insight into new cultures, particularly when it comes to Japanese drinks like sake and shochu.

This appreciation for Japan’s indigenous tipple has made me curious about the Land of the Rising’s Sun’s treatment of Western spirits and there’s been plenty of praise given to Japanese whisky. A category that’s gaining in momentum is Japanese rum and I was excited to get my hands on a sample from Nine Leaves, arguably the most well-known Japanese rum brand.

The Nine Leaves Angel’s Half French Oak Cask is a force to be reckoned with. Here’s why.

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4 Awesome Types Of Japanese Rum To Try In Your Lifetime

Japan is known for producing some of the most unique alcoholic drinks in the world. There’s a growing interest in nihonshu, shochu and awamori from a western audience, but that hasn’t stopped the Land of the Rising Sun from exploring western categories. This is evident in the rise of Japanese rum, with many sake breweries trying their hand at making the spirit.

The world of Japanese rum is one of experimentation and innovation. Here are four brands that are worth knowing about so you can add them to your bottle collection.

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A Pirate’s Life: Ching Shih

A Pirate’s Life focuses on the drinking habits of history’s most influential brigands, imagining the kind of rum they would drink in modern times. Ching Shih is widely considered the most successful pirate of all-time, having commanded a fleet of over 1500 ships and being so badass that she forced the Chinese government into giving her a pardon.

If Shih were alive today, she’d no doubt have acquired an impressive collection of rum plundered from all over Asia.

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