Cockpit Country

Let me tell you the story of Cockpit Country

Where karsts roll through the sky like giant tumbleweeds

Fortress-strong hills for maroons seeking shelter

Sugarcane forests hiding the secrets of the universe

It’s a land of history, tradition and beauty

Home to the heart of Jamaica

An estate for producing liquid gold

Distilled and bottled for world consumption

Look for a signature orange peel note

Produced by a certain master blender

And you’ll be imbibing the soul of a people

That have stood tall throughout every adversity

That is the story of Cockpit Country

May it never end 

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Review: A Glorious Introductory Jamaican Rum

In the rum world, Jamaican grog has earned a reputation for being the cream of the crop. Characterised by the pot-still distillation method and funky flavours, Jamaican rum has been delighting people all over the world. So, it only seems fitting that my first Jamaican rum comes from the legendary Appleton Estate, a name synonymous with high-quality booze.

The Appleton Estate Reserve Blend is a grand introduction. Smooth, spicy and sessionable, it’s opened the gateway into the world of Jamaican rum.

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Duppy Share

Let me tell you a story that always stuck with me

About the ways of the islands and the forces at work

When night falls and spirits come out to play

Beware the duppy

That creep from their holes in search of mayhem

Hopping from island to island

Stealing the best portions of rum

I know a guy who caught himself one

One night he left out a couple of bottles of Appleton signature blend

Then hid in the bushes

Wasn’t long before they came a-running

Two duppy sozzled in the light of the moon

At dawn only the big one is sober enough to leave

The small one takes a nap

And my friend captured it with his net

I know this sounds like drunk talk

Because it is

But there’s a morale

Never forget the duppy share

Otherwise you won’t see another sunrise

What’s The Connection Between Duppy And Rum?

Folklore of the Caribbean is as diverse as the people who inhabit the islands. The melting pot of cultures has created a pantheon of supernatural creatures who’re as changeable as the stories that are passed down about them from generation to generation.

Duppy are common in Caribbean folklore, haunting the spirit realm and bringing mischief wherever they go. But what is the story of the duppy and how is it connected to rum?

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