Learning About The Story Of Barbancourt Rum With Delphine Gardère (Rumcast Review)

Haiti produces some of the most unique rum in the world and it’s gained more attention in recent years, becoming an extension of Haitian culture. Called clairin, this spirit has brought more awareness to Haitian brands, including Barbancourt, which is arguably the most well-known Haitian rum producer. 

It’s important to note that Barbancourt exists in a category of its own. It’s neither rhum agricole or clairin and until I listened to the Rumcast’s interview with the CEO of Barbancourt, Delphine Gardère, I believed their rum could be categorised as clairin. Read on to learn more about Gardère’s story and how Barbancourt rum stands out.

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A Pirate’s Life: Henri Caesar

Pirates and rum go hand in hand, thanks to the efforts of authors like Robert Louis Stevenson, who popularised the idea of scallywags downing copious amounts of rum. It’s from this rich tradition that A Pirate’s Life was born. The series chronicles the drinking habits of history’s most infamous brigands. 

The Haitian pirate Henri Caesar earned a reputation for himself during the Haitian Revolution, when he teamed up with Dutty Boukman and Toussaint Louverture to change the course of history. The rum in Caesar’s collection would tell the story of Haiti and his travels across the sea.

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Boukman Rhum Review: Sipping The Essence Of Haiti

The beauty of rum is that it’s one of the most versatile spirits on the planet and every country that makes it has a unique style. Haiti produces a specific type of rum called clairin, which is experiencing a growth in popularity as more bottles leave the island. 

I recently tried my first clairin in the form of the awesome Boukman rhum, which taps into the rich history of Haiti and reflects the island’s strong heritage.

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Walking The Path Of The Flaming Rum Ceremony: Ogun And His Role In Haitian Foklore

In Haiti, rum is closely tied to local folklore and the deities that exist within the pantheon of Haitian Voudou. A symbol of strength, an offering and a form of protection, rum has many connotations, all manifested through the god Ogun. Also known as Ogou, this warrior spirit is known as the god of iron, fire metalworking and rum-making.

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Rumcast Review: An Insightful Episode With Rum Aficianado Kate Perry

For rum aficionados, Rumcast is a phenomenal resource for listening to stories about the people who’re shaping the industry and leading the charge for exciting new products.

In a recent episode, Rum Cast interviewed Kate Perry, the North American Marketing Manager for La Maison and Velier. The episode revealed some great insight into the mission statement of brands like Velier and why Perry is so passionate about rum!

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Baron Samedi: A God Rum Drinkers Can Share A Bottle With

Folklore is built around legendary figures who’ve become larger than life to us mere mortals. Gods, heroes, spirits and demons vie for our attention, spreading across cultures and connecting people to the supernatural. A common strand across every culture is the presence of a death god, and in the case of Haitian Voudou, it’s Baron Samedi.

Suave, changeable and bawdy, the head of the Guede loa is the kind of god a rum drinker can share a bottle with.

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