Songs Of The Sea: Can Of Grog

Songs Of The Sea examines different sea shanties and the story behind the lyrics. From A Drop Of Nelson’s Blood to Rolling Down to Old Maui, rum features prominently in many sea shanties and another one that comes to mind is Can of Grog. A mixture of rum and water, grog was the lifeblood of the royal navy, served up until Black Tot Day. 

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Songs Of The Sea: Whisky Johnny

Songs Of The Sea shines a light on obscure shanties that are connected to rum and other types of booze. Aboard a ship, there were many types of drinking songs and one of the catchiest was Whisky Johnny. The kind of song that made you want to knock back a dram, Whisky Johnny gave sailors something to hope for on long journeys at sea.

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Songs Of The Sea: Leave Her Johnny

Songs Of The Sea is a segment that analyses the history of different sea shanties and how they communicated the feelings of the people who sung them. One of the most famous sea shanties is called Leave her Johnny, also known as Leave Her Bullies, Time For Us To Leave Her and Leave Her.

Mournful, poignant and haunting, Leave Her Johnny delivers a snapshot of the working conditions that sailors had to deal with when they were out at sea for months on end.

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