Baron Samedi: A God Rum Drinkers Can Share A Bottle With

Folklore is built around legendary figures who’ve become larger than life to us mere mortals. Gods, heroes, spirits and demons vie for our attention, spreading across cultures and connecting people to the supernatural. A common strand across every culture is the presence of a death god, and in the case of Haitian Voudou, it’s Baron Samedi.

Suave, changeable and bawdy, the head of the Guede loa is the kind of god a rum drinker can share a bottle with.

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What’s The Connection Between Duppy And Rum?

Folklore of the Caribbean is as diverse as the people who inhabit the islands. The melting pot of cultures has created a pantheon of supernatural creatures who’re as changeable as the stories that are passed down about them from generation to generation.

Duppy are common in Caribbean folklore, haunting the spirit realm and bringing mischief wherever they go. But what is the story of the duppy and how is it connected to rum?

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Ahoy! Welcome To The Rum Ration

Greetings to all rum lovers, distillers, pirates and appreciators of tiki culture! Welcome to The Rum Ration, a magazine that’s dedicated to celebrating all things rum. As seems appropriate for the beginning of anything new, I thought I’d take you through the rationale behind the publication and the kind of content to look out for in future….

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