Travelling The Rum Road: Rum Production On The Frontier

When not writing about rum, I moonlight as a horror author and I’m proud to say my debut horror novella AT THE DESK OF DUSK is now out in the world. Set in a grim dark wild west universe called The Frontier, AT THE DEAD OF DUSK follows the story of an infamous witch hunter called Clay McNab as he transports a young woman across the land to find her father.

Creating The Frontier has been a full challenge and of course rum plays an important part in the world. Read on to find out how rum is produced in The Frontier, how it stacks up to whisky and why it should be enjoyed!

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Witch King

When the barrier between the real and the ethereal
is at its thinnest
the Witch King appears
to share stories from beyond the veil
tales woven into libations
that taste of wildfire and summer solstice
See her walk in valleys
permeated with bohemian dreams
holding festivals in nature’s honour
where folk drink and forget their troubles
come morning
the Witch King returns to her realm
with yarns spun by the fireside
to carry them into the next night
for those who believe in magic
and those who do not

A Story Of Fantasy And Bohemian Culture: The Rise Of Witch Kings Rum

The story of rum is powerful, built on centuries of history and tradition. Many brands focus on telling the story of a specific region or use certain tropes to promote their rum to a wider audience. Maxi Tin-Bradbury and Brandon Bissell, co-founders of Witch Kings Rum, took a different path.

For them, it’s all about telling the story of quality ingredients and quality rum through the lens of fantasy, art and creativity. Find out why Witch Kings Rum is on a mission to redefine how rum and rum liqueurs can be presented to the world.

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