Witch King

When the barrier between the real and the ethereal
is at its thinnest
the Witch King appears
to share stories from beyond the veil
tales woven into libations
that taste of wildfire and summer solstice
See her walk in valleys
permeated with bohemian dreams
holding festivals in nature’s honour
where folk drink and forget their troubles
come morning
the Witch King returns to her realm
with yarns spun by the fireside
to carry them into the next night
for those who believe in magic
and those who do not

Kill-Devil’s Advocate

“Wine is fine but whisky is quicker”

Ozzy got that wrong

It should’ve been “rum is fun and I’m ready to get some”

Booze for all seasons and situations

Neck it in a bar before you neck the girl

Right after you’re done drinking it in a tropical cocktail

Rainforest in a glass

Pretend you’re sophisticated and swirl it neat in front of the fire

Or down it while writing your next review

You’re cultured. You’re not an alcoholic.

Imagine you’re an adventurer on the high seas

Yo, ho, ho, something or other

Sip it at festivals and find your tribe

They’re not alcoholics either.

Rum really is the perfect drink

It warms the blood in our veins

Opens new doors

Creates friendships 

Makes life a little more bearable

Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith liked his rum three times a day

From sunrise to sunset he got his way

White in the morning, dark come the eve

His mates never knew what was up his sleeve

He rollicked and roved in every pub he could find

Never leaving an empty bottle behind

His personal stash was a sight to behold

Blended, spiced, experimental and gold

A modern-day pirate, a glutton for drink

That’s what he called himself when he had time to think

Johnny drank and drank but never got sick

Wherever he went rum was his faithful sidekick

It passed no judgement, brought him to life

Johnny never let it get between him and his wife