Rum Champions: Elaine Remy

A love of rum can come from many places. For some people, it’s discovering it at a bar, for others it’s tied to family heritage. In Elaine Remy’s case, her rum connection came from her parents and it’s helped her launch a successful cake business.

The founder of UK-based brand Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes, Elaine specialises in creating beautiful rum cakes in honour of her mum. The recipient of several awards, Elaine has already caused quite a stir with her rummy treats.

The Rum Ration got in touch with her to learn more about the story of her cakes, the links between rum and the region of Cumbria and her plans for the future. 

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How To Cook With Rum (Analysing Different Recipes Across The Caribbean)

Rum is undoubtedly one of the most versatile spirits in the world and it can be combined with a variety of food to enhance the dining experience. On a recent webinar hosted by the Rum Reverend, Roger P. Barnes, some awesome food recipes were revealed that not only provided insight into Caribbean cooking, but highlighted how rum is much more than just a drink to be necked at parties.

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