A Pirate’s Life: Henri Caesar

Pirates and rum go hand in hand, thanks to the efforts of authors like Robert Louis Stevenson, who popularised the idea of scallywags downing copious amounts of rum. It’s from this rich tradition that A Pirate’s Life was born. The series chronicles the drinking habits of history’s most infamous brigands. 

The Haitian pirate Henri Caesar earned a reputation for himself during the Haitian Revolution, when he teamed up with Dutty Boukman and Toussaint Louverture to change the course of history. The rum in Caesar’s collection would tell the story of Haiti and his travels across the sea.

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A Brief Introduction To Clairin (And 3 Types To Try!)

Like many islands of the Caribbean, Haiti has a history that is rich in rum production. But look deeper and you’ll find that the island has its own indigenous spirit known as clairin, which at first glance may look like a regular unaged rum, but in reality there’s so much more to it.

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