Moonshine, History And Woodman: Exploring The Rum Culture Of Grenada

Rum and Caribbean culture go hand in hand, with every island having its own unique culture that’s sprung up around drinking, spirit production and lifestyle choices. A country that I find of particular interest in regards to rum is Grenada, as everyday life on the island is as distinctive as the rum that’s produced.

From moonshining to potent batches of overproof grog, let’s take a closer look at the rum culture of Grenada.

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Learning About The Magic Of Mount Gay Rum With Dr Frank Ward (Rumcast Review)

Barbados rum is undoubtedly one of the premier players in world of rum, personified in all its glory through Mount Gay. With a rich history and innovative production methods, Mount Gay has been delighting rum fans across the globe and its thanks to the efforts of people like former Mount Gay managing director Dr Frank Ward.

Ward recently appeared in an episode of Rumcast to talk about his experiences at Mount Gay and his time as the chairman of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA). The conversation is insightful, informative, with Ward getting to the heart of what makes Barbados rum unique.

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The Truth Of Rum

They say there’s truth in wine

I say if you really want to see the truth of who we are

Then you should try a bottle of rum

It’s human history masquerading as a spirit

Built on the foundation of slaves 

Breaking their backs in sugarcane fields

A truth to be sipped, swigged and kept down

It’s the libation of pirates seeking fortune

Liquid gold to be savoured

It’s the lifeblood of the Royal Navy

Coursing through the veins of sailors

Who still remember Black Tot Day

It’s the hard work of master blenders

Putting their heart and soul into every glass

It’s the energy of innovation passed across countries

Each distillery leaving their own mark to be remembered

It’s the story of cultures crossing the world

Conversations flowing from people from all walks of life

It’s damn tasty

It’s the truth of rum 

Investigating The Story Of The Rolling Calf

Rum and folklore have a habit of going hand in hand, whether through the well-established connection to pirates, or a focus on the supernatural. 

In particular, Caribbean folklore has strong ties to rum and an example of this is with the Rolling Calf, a dreaded spirit that stalks through the night looking to destroy anything it comes into contact with.

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Want To Be A Rum Writer? The Rum Ration Is Accepting Guest Posts!

Collaboration is a huge part of The Rum Ration ethos.  Whether it’s interviewing experts or sharing the stories of everyday people and their appreciation for rum, The Rum Ration is dedicated to becoming a collective hub of helpful information. And to make that happen, The Rum Ration needs your help.

The magazine is looking for guest authors to share opinions, reviews, musings and news about the rum industry.

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Duppy Share

Let me tell you a story that always stuck with me

About the ways of the islands and the forces at work

When night falls and spirits come out to play

Beware the duppy

That creep from their holes in search of mayhem

Hopping from island to island

Stealing the best portions of rum

I know a guy who caught himself one

One night he left out a couple of bottles of Appleton signature blend

Then hid in the bushes

Wasn’t long before they came a-running

Two duppy sozzled in the light of the moon

At dawn only the big one is sober enough to leave

The small one takes a nap

And my friend captured it with his net

I know this sounds like drunk talk

Because it is

But there’s a morale

Never forget the duppy share

Otherwise you won’t see another sunrise

Mount Gay Black Barrel Review: The Perfect Rum For Whisky Drinkers

Barbados rum is often ranked as some of the finest tasting rum in the world, with a legacy that stretches back to the early days of sugarcane cultivation in the Caribbean. Mount Gay is synonymous with high-quality Barbados rum and the distillery has produced a wide range of tipple that’s captured the hearts, minds and taste buds of rum drinkers all over the world.

One of the brand’s finest offerings is the Mount Gay Black Barrel, a smoky, whisky-like rum with heaps of flavour and plenty of character.

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Temptress, Seductress, Avenger Of The Opressed: The Legend Of La Diablesse

Caribbean folklore features a rich mixture of local stories, legends and creatures from all over the islands. A tale that’s endured in African, French, Trinidad and Jamaican culture is the legend of La Diablesse, a woman who you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night on your own!

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Ahoy! Welcome To The Rum Ration

Greetings to all rum lovers, distillers, pirates and appreciators of tiki culture! Welcome to The Rum Ration, a magazine that’s dedicated to celebrating all things rum. As seems appropriate for the beginning of anything new, I thought I’d take you through the rationale behind the publication and the kind of content to look out for in future….

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