Women Leading Rum In North America You Should Meet Webinar: A Celebration Of Diverse Voices And Continued Resilience

The rum industry is going from strength to strength, with new brands appearing every year and passionate creators sharing the story of the world’s most diverse spirit through multiple expressions. A lot of that passion is coming out of North America, especially from the ladies of the rum world and when they happen to get together in the same (virtual) room, you know you’re in for some magic.

On a recent webinar from The Rum Lab, several of America’s leading female rum experts shared their insights and it was great to tune in. The line up included Maggie Campbell of Privateer rum fame, Karen Hoskin from Montanya, Jaime Windon from Lyon Rum, Joanna Elardo from Wicked Dolphin Distillery, Erin Wright from Striped Lion Distilling and Julie Shore and Arla Johnson from Halifax Distilling Company.

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Rum Champions: John Gulla

Rum Champions is all about sharing the stories of the folks who’re passionate about making, promoting and talking rum. An awesome resource that deals with those last two points is Rumcast, a podcast that’s hosted by John Gulla and Will Hoekenga. 

It was a pleasure to interview John about his journey into rum and what inspired him to set up the podcast. Read on to discover John’s thoughts on how rum compares to bourbon, the state of the rum industry in Miami and the famous historical characters he’d share a tot with. 

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Montanya Oro Rum Review: A Grand Symphony Of Flavour

The Montanya Distillery in Colorado is a pioneer in the American rum category, having created some of the most scintillating drinks to be found anywhere in the world. One of the brand’s most beautiful offerings is the Oro, a subtle, smoky drink that builds in character with every sip and reflects the passion of the people who’ve created it.

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Montanya Platino Review: White Rum That Unfurls In A Waterfall Of Flavour

American rum is a category that continues to go from strength to strength, with brands like Privateer and Holmes Cay continuing to innovate with their production and marketing approach. Montanya is another American rum distiller that has produced some exciting products and their passion for the business is reflected in the Platino, a gorgeous white rum that’s as contradictory as it is complex.

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Montanya Valentia Review: An Awesome American Rum That Personifies Liquid Courage

The American rum industry has experienced a boom in recent years and a company that is at the forefront of this exciting frontier is Colorado-based Montanya. Founded by Karen Hoskin, this distillery is producing some brilliant rum and one of the brand’s finest offerings is Valentia.

This smoky, smoldering drink is a reflection of the passion of the Montanya team and the determination to highlight women who’re doing some awesome things with rum.

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Rum Champions: Will Hoekenga

The rum industry is full of passionate people who’re dedicated to changing the perception of rum. And The Rum Ration is keen to share stories that capture the passion of what makes people from all walks of life fall in love with the spirit. Introducing Rum Champions, an interview series that puts the spotlight on the folks who’re making the rum community such a joy to be a part of.

The first guest is the co-host of Rumcast and founder of American Rum Report, Will Hoekenga. Will is doing some great work with promoting the emerging American rum category and spreading the gospel of rum all over the world with the podcast. Read on to discover what got him into rum, what types he’d recommend and his historical drinking partner of choice.

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Quench Your Thirst For Knowledge With The Rumcast Podcast

When you want to learn something new or be entertained, there’s nothing quite like sticking on a podcast and having it on in the background while you’re doing another activity. If that activity happens to be drinking rum then a great podcast to pair with the experience is Rumcast.

Hosted by rum evangelists Will Hoekenga and John Gulla, Rumcast is a wonderful source of information for novices and connoisseurs alike.

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