SLY DOG Spiced Rum Review: Whisky-Like, Wonderful And Damn Easy Drinking

Spiced rum continues to be a rising star in the spirits world, standing out for being sessionable and smooth. Many upcoming rum brands have been eager to put their own mark on the spiced rum category and one of the latest to emerge in the UK is SLY DOG. 

A rum with an interesting backstory and big plans behind the brand, check out the full review of SLY DOG spiced rum.

SLY DOG spiced rum.

Brand Story 

SLY DOG is the brainchild of brothers Bruce and Louis Goddard-Watts, who wanted to create a rum that appealed to an emerging generation of younger rum drinkers, while also shedding some of the traditional trappings that are associated with the category, such as pirates and palm trees.

The story of SLY DOG is that of not being afraid to go your own way, to leave your own mark and The Rum Ration got in touch with the brothers so they could share the story in their own words.

“For us being a SLY DOG is doing what you want and not being worried about what people will think. Sly dogs work smarter not harder, and they have a way of always coming out on top. While the brand was in development, we were never afraid to reach out and speak to people that have been there and done it, we managed to team up with some of the best rum experts and flavour masters to help create the liquid.

It’s taken a little longer than expected as we wouldn’t settle for anything other than perfection, so you could say we have been champion sly dogs. We hope SLY DOG is a brand that the new wave of rum drinkers can get behind, after all we do need more sly dogs in the world.” 


SLY DOG spiced rum is a blend of rums from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, all aged for up to three years. When working on the recipe, the brand enlisted the help of one of the UK’s leading flavour masters to help them craft a rum that made flavour the star of the show

In terms of the spices used in the rum, that remains a heavily guarded secret and one that should no doubt spark the imagination once the first sip is taken. 

Tasting Notes 

The first thing that grabbed my attention when I opened the bottle of SLY DOG was the smell of Christmas pudding and stewed fruits. There’s a festive feeling to it, the kind of rum to be cracked open at all times of the year. 

When it came to the flavours, I got hit with a sweet whisky mouthfeel, reminiscent of a good dram of Irish whisky. This caught me off guard in the best possible way and then flavours of chocolate and mushrooms came into the mix. A great balance of sweet and savoury notes, capped off by a short finish that lingers long enough for you to want to capture the fleeting aftertaste of honey again.

SLY DOG rum plays well as a mixer too. Splash it into some coke and there’s an easy merging of flavours that make it even smoother. But I’d be more inclined to drink it straight, as it appeals to my inner whisky nerd. 

Sturdy, smooth and enjoyable, SLY DOG spiced rum is an excellent addition to the growing spiced rum revolution.

SLY DOG rum is a blend of Jamaican and Dominican Republic rum.

ABV: 40%

Origin: UK 

Variety: Molasses

Nose: Christmas pudding, stewed fruits, brown bread 

Mouthfeel: Chocolate, whisky, honey, mushroom, honey 

Pick up a bottle today. 

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