Hygge Spiced Rum Review: Comfort In A Glass

The UK rum scene continues to go from strength to strength, with new brands and concepts popping up all over the country. In particular, the spiced rum category is experiencing a lot of growth and a UK brand that offers one of the most pleasant drinking experiences is Hygge Rum.

Let’s dive into The Rum Ration’s review of Hygge Spiced Rum and see how it stacks up.

Brand Story 

Based on the Danish concept of hygge, this rum is designed with comfort in mind. It was created during the lockdown of 2020 by two rum enthusiasts based in Northwich, who wanted to promote the idea of enjoyable moments, family life and sharing drinks with loved ones. As co-founder Ben explained in an interview with The Rum Ration:

 “During the lockdown we started to appreciate the simple yet magic moments that we were having as a family, usually in the garden with our children, and often with a rum and ginger in hand! 

Hygge has been a huge part of our lives since we first started visiting Denmark as a family many years ago. Once you start to understand the meaning of hygge, you then start to notice and appreciate these hygge moments that you may not have before. We wanted our rum to be the accompanying drink for these special hygge moments.  

As our brand continues to develop, we want to create a community of Hygge Rum drinkers who interact with us socially online and share with us photos of their own hygge moments.  The beauty of hygge is that it’s an individual feeling and being able to see and share other people’s moments is exciting.”

Tasting Notes 

The first thing that grabbed my attention about Hygge was the inviting scent of cocoa, tobacco and woodsmoke. It brought on the image of wandering through a woodland in Denmark at Autumn, breathing in the scent of trees and country living.

On the palate, Hygge carries notes of peach, stewed banana and caramel. Rather than being a sweetness overload, these flavours are balanced out by ginger, cardamon and butter. There’s a velvety texture that coats the mouth, reminiscent of rocky round ice cream. Moreish. Pronounced. 

Smooth, easy to drink and supple, Hygge is an ideal rum for sharing with friends and family. Enjoy it straight, over ice, mix it with coke or try it in your favourite cocktail.

ABV: 40%

Origin: England 

Variety: Spiced, Molasses 

Nose: Cocoa, woodsmoke, tobacco, incense, McVities chocolate digestive

Mouthfeel: Stewed banana, peach, ginger, cardamon, caramel, butter

Pick up a bottle today and have your hygge moment. 


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