Reimagining The Story Of Rum With Marc Farrell

It’s an exciting time for the rum industry. More and more people are getting interested in the category and the shift towards rum being recognised as a high-end, premium spirit continues to gain momentum. This transition is being made possible through storytelling. Through honouring the rich history of rum and presenting it through a modern lens of the cultures that have shaped it.

For Marc Farrell, reimagining the story of rum has never been more important. The founder of Ten To One Rum, Farrell is on a mission to elevate the category and he recently provided insight into how he wants to do this on a webinar with The Rum Lab.

A story of celebration 

The webinar began with Farrell telling the story of his background. A native of Trinidad and a US resident, Farrell has always been passionate about sharing his culture and driving the conversation about the Caribbean. 

The origins of Ten To One rum came from various sources, with one of the most vital moments happening at Rumba in Seattle. Farrell regularly visited the bar to chat with the staff and share ideas that would eventually become Ten To One. 

The driving force behind Farrell’s brand is to reimagine Caribbean culture through rum and build a sense of community that’s Caribbean made. This involves looking beyond traditional rum connections such as piratesand cheap cocktails and putting the spotlight on the modern Caribbean. 

According to Farrell if you’re connected to the Caribbean through food, then you’re Caribbean made. If you’ve spent time on one of the islands and you enjoy the music then you’re Caribbean made. This sense of inclusion is powerful and it’s the kind of story that can help take rum to the next level.

Blending the Caribbean 

Farrell also went into detail about the Ten To One portfolio. The brand stocks a dark rum that’s a blend of Barbados, Dominican, Trinidadian and Jamaican rum. This unique mixture creates a versatile drink with notes of cooked fruits, vanilla, tobacco, cedar, toffee and citrus. Farrell described it as the kind of tipple that can hook whisky drinkers in an instant.

The other product is a white rum that blends Dominican and Jamaican rum together. This bottle was created with the intention of shifting people’s perception of white rum by creating a lively flavour profile of white pepper, jasmine, coriander and honeysuckle. 

Rum continues to rise in the eyes of consumers and it’s thanks to the efforts of people like Marc Farrell that this is possible. There’s a story in every bottle of rum and whether you prefer Jamaican, Bajan or Trinidadian varieties, you’re helping to spread the story of the Caribbean further afield. 

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