The Horizon Beyond The Glass

I get why some people want to find the answer to their problems

At the bottom of a glass

Rock bottom feels comfortable when you’re drifting in an alcoholic haze

It’s like living in suspended animation

Nothing changes and you don’t have to do anything

But reach for another bottle and drown those moments of lucidity

Where you convince yourself that you can rise out of the pit of depression

That tricks you into feeling there’s no life beyond the glass

Or that you can drink without feeling the need to self-destruct

But even on the stormiest of seas there’s a horizon waiting for you

Bright and beautiful

Soon you’ll be toasting to good days

Sipping to better memories

Drinking to preserve the happiness you’ve found

From conquering the anxiety that broils inside your heart day to day

To accepting the fear of an uncertain life

For embracing the darkest parts of yourself and surviving no matter what

Here’s to that horizon beyond the glass

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