Kill-Devil’s Advocate

“Wine is fine but whisky is quicker”

Ozzy got that wrong

It should’ve been “rum is fun and I’m ready to get some”

Booze for all seasons and situations

Neck it in a bar before you neck the girl

Right after you’re done drinking it in a tropical cocktail

Rainforest in a glass

Pretend you’re sophisticated and swirl it neat in front of the fire

Or down it while writing your next review

You’re cultured. You’re not an alcoholic.

Imagine you’re an adventurer on the high seas

Yo, ho, ho, something or other

Sip it at festivals and find your tribe

They’re not alcoholics either.

Rum really is the perfect drink

It warms the blood in our veins

Opens new doors

Creates friendships 

Makes life a little more bearable

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