Rumcast Review: An Insightful Episode With Rum Aficianado Kate Perry

For rum aficionados, Rumcast is a phenomenal resource for listening to stories about the people who’re shaping the industry and leading the charge for exciting new products.

In a recent episode, Rum Cast interviewed Kate Perry, the North American Marketing Manager for La Maison and Velier. The episode revealed some great insight into the mission statement of brands like Velier and why Perry is so passionate about rum!

Pursuing a crash course in rum

The episode began with Perry recounting her start in the rum world, which went back to 2011 and led to her opening a rum bar in Seattle called Rumba. From there, Perry fell deeper into the rabbit hole by travelling across the Caribbean, visiting distillers and sipping the best rum she could get her hands on.

Along the way, Perry fell in love with the Velier brand, which led to her being contacted directly by the company to take part in a clarin tasting session in Haiti. Clarin is the national spirit of Haiti and has seen a steady rise in popularity across new markets like the US. By the end of the trip, Perry was determined to work with Velier and she joined the team as the company merged with La Maison.

Working with Velier  

Next, Perry shared what it’s like to work alongside rum maestro Luca Gargano at Velier and his approach to crafting high-quality spirits.

She made the interesting distinction of Velier being a dependent bottler rather than an independent bottler. Gargano and his team are dependent on the relationships they have with distillers. All rums bottled under the brand is a collaboration of love between people who’ve dedicated their lives to rum.

Perry also revisited a 5-year-old prediction she made about the industry moving forward with more sipping rums. That prediction feels like it’s come true, with there being a wide range of premium sipping rums to choose from. It’ll be intriguing to see how the industry evolves over the next 5 years.

The full episode is available to listen to on Rumcast now.

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