5 Must-Read Rum Magazines For The Curious Drinker

When it comes to improving your knowledge of rum, there are plenty of helpful resources out there for learning about how the spirit is produced, the different styles and the heritage of various distilleries.  

The Rum Ration believes in supporting other rum-based magazines and here are five must-read publications that are sure to deepen your appreciation for rum.

1.      Got Rum

Got Rum is one of the premier rum publications around and has been going strong since 2001. Regular bottle reviews are featured and the latest industry news is always shared, keeping readers up to date.

There’s also a dedicated section about local rum events and practical tips for getting involved in the industry. Even more useful is the presence of The Rum University, which offers readers the chance to improve their knowledge with recognised industry qualifications and courses that are going on throughout America.

2.      The American Rum Report

American rum is experiencing a rapid increase in popularity and getting in on the ground floor of this emerging category is a beautiful thing. The American Rum Report is a dedicated source of what’s currently going on with American rum.

Founded by the co-host of Rumcast, Will Hoekenga, the American Rum Report is released twice a month. It features new releases, distiller profiles, relevant news and other exceptional boozy content.

3.      Rum Revelations

Rum Revelations is a glossy, editorial magazine hosted by Ivar de Laat, a Holland native passionate about spreading awareness for Canadian rum and more.

Rum Revelations has an indie-style operation with honest reviews that come from de Laat. What I like about his review method is the scale of 0 – 100. The 80 – 90 to 90 – 100 tiers are the sweet spots, signifying the rum that is truly out of this world.

There’s also a ‘Deceit-O-Meter’ which examines the transparency of individual rums with the purpose of helping consumers make an informed buying decision. Factors that influence the score include misleading age statements, added sweeteners, heavy colouring to mimic cask ageing and vague marketing statements.

4.      The Lone Caner

Run by Lance Surujbally, The Lone Caner is one of the most comprehensive rum review publications on the internet. There’s so much to enjoy about the Lone Caner, from the detailed reviews, to the fluid category structure that guides readers seamlessly through a rum’s country of origin.

Surujbally’s writing style is poetic and makes each review sound like a story that you want to keep listening to while sipping a glass of your favourite tipple. The information is geared towards newbies and seasoned drinkers, with one of the most useful pages being key rums of the world.

5.      The Floating Rum Shack

Last but certainly not least is the brilliant Floating Rum Shack from Peter and Pauline Holland. What started out as a hobby for writing about rum turned into a full-blown career path about rum education and consultancy. Peter carries out regular tastings, presentations and panels about rum, furthering the awareness of one of the world’s most diverse spirits.

The content on the Floating Rum Shack is worth reading because it features regular updates on tastings and events.


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