Want To Be A Rum Writer? The Rum Ration Is Accepting Guest Posts!

Collaboration is a huge part of The Rum Ration ethos.  Whether it’s interviewing experts or sharing the stories of everyday people and their appreciation for rum, The Rum Ration is dedicated to becoming a collective hub of helpful information. And to make that happen, The Rum Ration needs your help.

The magazine is looking for guest authors to share opinions, reviews, musings and news about the rum industry.

What Content Is The Rum Ration Looking For?

  • Rum reviews
  • Opinion pieces e.g. historical articles about the rum industry
  • Interviews with industry professionals e.g. bartenders, authors, distillers
  • News stories e.g. the latest release from a brand
  • Rum-related poetry
  • Articles on Caribbean culture e.g. monsters from Caribbean folklore
  • Caribbean food/rum recipes
  • Caribbean restaurant reviews

What’s the criteria?

Writing for The Rum Ration is simple. All you have to do is pitch your idea via the contact form or get in touch by emailing therumration@hotmail.com. Introduce yourself, give a brief statement on what your connection to rum is and we’ll take it from there.

Please note that all guest posts must be a minimum of 400 words and there’s no maximum word length restrictions. Linking to relevant articles and your own work is acceptable, so long as it makes sense. Any business-related links are treated as sponsored posts and would require a fee.

So, whether you’d like to share your story about rum or build a writing portfolio, The Rum Ration wants to her from you. Reach out with the contact form or email therumration@hotmail.com.

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