Mount Gay Black Barrel Review: The Perfect Rum For Whisky Drinkers

Barbados rum is often ranked as some of the finest tasting rum in the world, with a legacy that stretches back to the early days of sugarcane cultivation in the Caribbean. Mount Gay is synonymous with high-quality Barbados rum and the distillery has produced a wide range of tipple that’s captured the hearts, minds and taste buds of rum drinkers all over the world.

One of the brand’s finest offerings is the Mount Gay Black Barrel, a smoky, whisky-like rum with heaps of flavour and plenty of character.

Brand Story

Mount Gay is one of the oldest distillers on the planet and has been producing rum since the 17th century. Originally called Mount Gilboa, the brand was founded by William Sandiford and took its name from the St Lucy parish of Mount Gilboa. This is where Sandiford set up his sugarcane estates, laying the foundation for a business that would become a rum powerhouse.

In 1747, the Sandiford family sold the Mount Gilboa distillery to John Sober (he liked a drink) and the brand stayed in the family for a century. Sober’s son, Cumberbatch, eventually asked his friend Sir John Gay Alleyne to manage the business for him. Alleyne’s leadership was so well received that in 1852 the Sobers renamed the brand Mount Gay in honour of the man.


The Mount Gay Black Barrel is a wonderous concoction of matured double pot distillates and aged column distillate rums that adhere to the classic Barbados style.

Crafted to commemorate the 310th anniversary of Mount Gay’s birth, the rum is made with a higher level of double pot distillates than other spirits, such as Mount Gay Eclipse. Matured in charred ex-bourbon barrels, the rum is a labour of love that’s so damn drinkable.

Tasting notes

As the first Mount Gay rum I’ve ever tasted, the Black Barrel instantly made me a convert. A fine smell of oak, liquorice and freshly toasted bread rose from the bottle, whetting the appetite.

Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and orange mingle together in a spice bomb. A punch of sweetness comes through, conjuring hints of banana, toffee and cheesecake. The Black Barrel is so smooth that I felt like I was drinking whisky and that’s a revelation.

Rich, complex and flavoursome, Mount Gay Black Barrel is the ideal rum for whisky drinkers. If you’ve never tried Bajan rum before then this will make you a believer.

Mount Gay Black Barrel is matured in ex-bourbon barrels, giving the rum a distinctive whisky taste.

ABV: 37%

Origin: Barbados

Variety: Molasses

Style: Gold

Nose: Toasted bread, liquorice, vanilla, oak

Mouthfeel: Nutmeg, cinnamon, banana, toffee, cheesecake

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